Cautizer's tanks

The layout used during the car chase through Las Vegas

The 34th C4 Leopard Squadron was a brigade of tanks sent from Canada to pick up Frederick Clyco and asssist in kicking Dragonstorm out of Pelvanida.

It was composed of six tanks and led by Cl. Rivende.

Known personnelEdit

Tank 1: Rivende, Lt. Carl

Tank 2: Lt. Marner, unnamed gunner. This tank's gun had a slightly longer barrel than the others, possiby due to assembly oversight, and so was referred to as "Long Tom".

Tank 3:Dervus.

Tank 4: Undel. Tank 4 actually had a broken gun before the engagement, and so was unable to aid in the engagement. It was later destroyed by anti-tank fire.

Tank 5: Lt. Lain, Max, unnamed driver. This tank was not equipped with a standard 90mm cannon but with a smaller 40mm autocannon.

Tank 6: No occupants named.


The squadron missed the beginning of the chase because of minor repair issues, and was ordered by Canadian command to go around Las Vegas. However, Rivende chose to drive right through instead, and came face to face with the escaping Lab 101 convoy.

Despite 3 of the tanks assuming defensive positions, Lab 101 punched through, and the tanks gave chase. Tank 1 took crippling damage when an RPG blasted off the left half of its armor. Another RPG destroyed the second tank's gun. Tanks 3 and 5 returned fire and managed to destroy a number of SUVs. Though Lab 101 got away, one SUV was crippled and surrounded by the surviving tanks, though Tank 4 was destroyed by anti-tank fire. The SUV then escaped due to its phase shielding. (Survival of the Fittest)

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