The Advanced Weapons Training Room, commonly referred to by its abbreviation AWTR, was an important location in Pelvanida Research Base. There, experimental weaponry was tested and perfected. Among the weapons created in the AWTR were the energy blades created by Drs. Shelton and Kyle, the flachette flamethrower created by Pietr Kozlov, and the electric rifle.

When the terrorists attacked the base, the AWTR was one of the rooms they set up a headquarters at, due to the large supply of powerful weaponry stored in it. James' team attacked it nevertheless, and managed to kill all the stationed terrorists except one.

Five months later, when James' team attacked Pelvanida again, they went out of their way to secure the AWTR due its strategic importance.

The AWTR was destroyed along with the rest of Pelvanida by the airstrike from Crimson Base.


  • Shelton was the first character to use the common abbreviation AWTR.

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