The Advanced Weapons Testing Room was a location in Pelvanida where experimental weaponry were kept, notably the electric rifle and the energy blades.

Terrorists captured the AWTR early on in their invasion, but James' team fought them and retook the AWTR. (Darwin's Soldiers

During the second invasion of Pelvanida, Ian Branston sent mercenaries to pick up some of the experimental weaponry. Later, once most of the personnel had evacuated, James' team headed there and picked up new weapons. (Survival of the Fittest)

The AWTR, like the rest of Pelvanida, was destroyed when Crimson Base blew it up.

other versionsEdit

There was an AWTR in the anti-matter Pelvanida as well. When the resistance group assaulted it, Acker was killed by gunfire. (Darwin's Soldiers)


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