Alexandra Kerzach was the wife of Dr. Yuri Kerzach and mother of Malte Kerzach.

Character historyEdit

Her relationship with her husband was strained due to the incredible amounts of fame and pressure put upon him by society, his work, and his fame. She suspected and had evidence of a number of trysts he was engaged in, including one to a Kerzach Mansion maid, Alyssa. She repeatedly told her husband that she didn't mind if he cheated on her, preferring his happiness to marital sanctity, but he always defensively and angrily denied all infidelity. ("CS:Origins")

In 2033, she urgently summoned her son home for her birthday, as she suspected she had little time left to live because she had contracted Shelton's disease from a previous jump through the Einstein-Rosen bridge. After warning him that there was far more to the story behind the bridge's invention than he or anybody else knew, she gave him two gifts: a passcard and a switchblade, both of which belonged to his father. She then advised him to seek out Mitchell Crota of Carson City Camp, and then died before his eyes. ("CS:Pilot")

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