Dr. Anne Williams was a scientist stationed at Southport, and later a member of James' team.

Character sheetEdit

Name: Dr. Anne Williams
Creator: Cancerian Tiger
Age: 24
Species: Anthro Red Fox
Faction: Against the Dragonstorm
Specializations: Knowledge of biology
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: (omit or leave blank if not playing as an experiment)
Appearance: 5'2" anthro Red Fox, in good shape. Wears a white lab coat, light blue shirt, and khaki pants.
Personality: Good-natured, though she can have a bad temper if provoked. Has knowledge in martial arts though she normally prefers to fight only as an absolute last resort. Scares easily but will put fears aside to help others. May come across as nerdy or random.
Equipment: (optional)

Character historyEdit

September 2009Edit

Anne Williams was one of three survivors of the zombie assault on Southport, along with Sharon Varma and Dr. Pauline Wayne. She joined James Zanasiu and his team out of gratitutde, and followed them through several events after that. Most notably she was the one teammate who managed to throw off Famine's influence in Texas Base and activate the security systems that saved the others. When the team visited New Peenemunde, she alone remained in the SUVs, and so did not survive their destruction by the airstrike from Dragonstorm A-2. (Disruptive Selection)


  • Dr. Williams died because Cancerian Tiger stopped posting after the team was traveling in the SUVs. Her death was noted after the fact by the authors; Serris originally had destroyed the SUVs simply to force the team to travel via battleship to the oil rig.

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