Ashley was the commander of the terrorists that attacked Pelvanida Research Base in February 2009.

Character historyEdit

before February 2009Edit

Ashley grew up on the streets of Carson City county with her twin brother Halsey, where he worked innumerable odd jobs to keep them fed despite living in an alleyway.

One day Ashley chased a rabbit in Hidden Meadows and stepped on a broken bottle, lacerating her foot. The next day she set out to kill it with a makeshift slingshot.

She encountered a Pelvanida van and due to her injury was unable to escape capture. In Pelvanida she was experimented upon by Dr. Richard Anderson and his assistant Earnest MacElroy. There she developed the ability to shift between universes, and unwittingly did so to escape further pain.

before September 3008 (anti-matter universe)Edit

Ashley was able to survive in the new universe, and eventually found she could contact her old one as a sort of projection. She eventually found Halsey and he researched her predicament. He later invented the concept behind the Einstein-Rosen bridge, and the two prepared to assault their respective Pelvanidas in order to get the necessary supplies.

Ashley established a terrorist base in the deserts of Nevada, promising them a new life in another universe. After years of training and preparation, they attacked the base in September 2008.

September 3008 (anti-matter universe)Edit

Immediately the terrorists barricaded the base physically and electronically so that nothing could get in or out (it turned out that they barricaded it too well; they even blocked automated transmissions, warning Crimson Base that there was something wrong). Ashley set up her main base in the presentation hall and gave terrorists permission to kill everyone in the base except Drs. Luddly (who she barricaded in his lab) and James Zanasiu (who should be brought to her if found).

Her second-in-command, Leither, located James with Ender McThair and Ken. Ashley believed that James was actually from the matter universe because of a similarly named individual on the personnel files, and hoped to learn how he made the trip. She ultimately failed to discover how, even when she tried to use the canary experiment.

After Ender and Ken escaped, causing Leither's death, Ashley took James into the sublevels where she witnessed the Einstein-Rosen bridge activate for the first time. As she and her men prepared to travel through it, however, they were all vaporized by a rocket fired by Zachary Johnson from the other side. (Ground One)



  • The letters in her name can be rearranged to spell Halsey, the name of her twin brother.

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