The basketball court, also known as the basketball stadium, was one of the many sports facilities the University of California Three Rivers provided for their students' use.

Around the time that Dragonstorm was formed as a club of UC3R students, a rumor circulated that Dragonstorm was going to stage something at the weekend basketball game against Santa Barbara. Dragonstorm used this to their advantage when they tricked Keegan O'Neil, who they thought was investigating them for malicious reasons, into thinking that they planned to detonate a bomb during the game. The night before the match, O'Neil sneaked into the stadium with Oli Struth and tried to help. The members of Dragonstorm badly wounded Oli and O'Neil and warned both to mind their own business from here on out.

However, O'Neil devised an elaborate plan to get himself ingratiated with Dragonstorm, hinging on using the same ruse into tricking Gregory Cass te believe that Dragonstorm planned to bomb the stadium. Cass was fooled, and despite complications O'Neil convinced Dragonstorm to let him join him after eliminating most of their enemies and providing a study room. To celebrate the completion of the plan, O'Neil activated a O'Neil's bomb that destroyed the basketball court. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

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