Bianca was a 8 year old girl that had shown up in the New Divide story written by MrDrake.

She was first seen making friends with Rhino, to which Hailey came along to retrieve Rhino in the fight against Subject 18. Of course, she was not pleased with the way Icarus spoke to her, going as far as punching him twice in the groin before being told off by Marcus.

She joined Icarus on top of one of the towers to keep her safe at Marcus' advice. However, she had almost fallen off, thanks to an object that Subject 18 had thrown in their direction, after having been ticked off by Icarus' sniper shots.

She had even, one she and Icarus had gotten off the tower, stopped Rhino from killing off Subject 18.

However, the group did not keep her, as Marcus had told her to go back to her parents, but not before giving Rhino a goodbye hug, waving him in particular, goodbye as she uttered the words "I'll miss you Rhino...."

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