bridge coordinates are an intergral part to the working of the Einstein-Rosen bridge. They tell the bridge where and when to connect to in the universe and history.

There are four coordinates: x, y, z and t. The first three deal with physical space, the fourth deals with time.

If the bridge is flooded with anti-matter at any point in the travel, it will connect to the corresponding coordinates in the anti-matter universe instead of the matter universe.

Examples of notable bridge coordinatesEdit

In February 2009, Halsey and his terrorists attacked Pelvanida Research Base and used it resources to build the first bridge. Using Lockdown, they powered it with anti-matter and connected to the anti-matter Pelvanida, hoping to bring Ashley and her followers into the matter universe. While the bridge connected, James' team intervened and prevented anyone from traveling in either direction. (Darwin's Soldiers)

Later, an away team led by James Zanasiu attempted to travel to the same coordinates as the terrorists did, but they didn't know that the t-coordinate had been counting since the last time the bridge had been turned on. Because of this, they arrived long after the battle had ended. After using a cross-connection to Gaman to collect data, Oscar Shelton calculated the exact length of a t-coordinate and used this to return several surviving teammates to the matter universe. (Card of Ten)

In 2023, James Zanasiu jumped through the bridge at Carson City Camp, and nobody knew why. Ten years later, his son, Malte Kerzach, and Florence Brennan wanted to learn where he went, so they surreptitiously stole the coordinates from General Mitchell Crota. However, they missed a binary number that explained the order the four numbers are supposed to be read. This forced them to visit the four potential coordinates and scan them with the radio-flashlight to see which gave a valid binary number. These four coordiates led to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Tenant's Way, Hughes Island, and the desert settlement. However, they turned out to be all wrong; these coordinates were calculated using the newer bridge network, which didn't behave similarly to the older prototypes. (Chasing Seconds)

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