Dr. Bruce Tinner was a scientist stationed at Pelvanida research base, and a member of Dragonstorm.

Character HistoryEdit

Before August 2009Edit

Tinner attended college at ETH Zürich with Rudyard Shelton. According to Shelton,he did not get along well with the other students, and had been interested in virtual reality even then.

Years later, after getting a job at Pelvanida, Tinner completed his virtual reality machine. with the aid of two assistants, Smithson and Eddie McKay. Despite his best efforts, he could not get around the problem that the machine induced headaches in those who used it, so he coded a memory-erasing subroutine. This proved to be his undoing, when the testing team uncovered this subroutine and failed the machine because of it. (Schrödinger's Prisoners)

August 2009Edit

Dr. Tinner joined Dragonstorm, who was less strict about its safety policies, and after the evacuation of Pelvanida designed his machine to be able to 'hide' Lab 101 by burying the real equipment and replacing them with virtual copies visible only to Dragonstorm personnel with thought chips. His plan was stopped by Shelton, Yuri Kerzach, and Eddie McKay, who destroyed his machine. Dr. Tinner attempted to wipe Shelton's memory but he was shot to death by Kerzach. (Nietzsche's Soldiers)


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