Brut was an inhabitant of Gaman and a member of the Union.

Character historyEdit

Brut infiltrated the Union as a Sapaar spy.

He escaped the planet's destruction on Werner's shuttlecraft, where he became one of Werner's closest confidantes. Werner considered him his strongest and bravest man.

When the Sapaar attacked the shuttlecraft during the flight to Gaman's moon, Brut intentionally opened the explosive release hatch late, to give the Sapaar time to escape.

Brut discovered the first outcropping of rocks the settlers camped at; however, he selected these rocks because the Sapaar told him to. He even spread seeds to make the area seem more desirable.

Later, when the colony was attacked, Brut retreated into the desert, returning the next day.

On the final day of the Einstein-Rosen bridge project, Brut attacked Kixoo, and attempted to disable the bridge by shooting one of its fuel tanks. He retreated through the desert into a mountain cave, where Werner followed him and mortally wounded him. After apologizing for his actions and warning Werner of an impending Sapaar attack, Brut died.

Brut's cave was later used by Werner to store everyone in the colony before a massive hurricane hit. (Ship of State)


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