The canary experiment was a psi-experiment under Luddly's research. It had the power to delve into a target's mind and reveal the most emotional moment of their life.

Character historyEdit

Recognizing the usefulness of this power, Ashley ordered that the canary and Luddly be locked in their laboratory so they did not come to harm during the terrorist assault. Later, after gaining possession of Dr. James Zanasiu, she took him to the room in the hopes that the canary would show her how he traversed universes.

While it was held, the canary bit Ashley's finger, causing her to smack it against the wall. In its death throes, the canary scanned every person in the room, sending each person's most emotional moment to somebody else (except Burly, who merely saw his own).

Individual present Whose memory they saw Most emotional memory
James Ashley see below
Ashley Unknown Being forced by Halsey to stab herself with a needle
Leither James Ender suggested it involved a girl
Burly Burly the events that occurred in this room
Ender McThair Leither Unknown
Ken Luddly Unknown
Luddly Unknown Being awarded his PhD

While Leither refused on his deathbed to tell James what he saw, it's implied it was enough for him to realize that James was not from an alternate universe.


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