The corner screen, as Dolon nicknamed it (it was otherwise unnamed) was a device designed to allow its user to see their peripherals and blind spots. This allowed the user to see around corners without exposing himself.

Appearance and FunctionEdit

The corner screen was a handheld display with a yellow or blue screen. It had no visible buttons or speakers, but it did have an (undescribed) apparent activating method. A scroll bar under the screen allowed the user to adjust the angle and FOV of the view.


It was part of Sir Beys' private collection of expensive weapons while assistant to the CEO of SORA Gas & Electric. While DS-1 was there, Dolon broke into Beys' closet and stole it. He used it to avoid the guards at SORA, until they cornered him at the wind tunnel.

It is unknown if the device survived to return to Dragonstorm, as it was never mentioned after this incident. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2).

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