The Crazy Shoes were a gang of students at University of California, Three Rivers. They were active around the time Dragonstorm was formed as a club of students at the university.

Garvin was the original leader of the Crazy Shoes, and Julian was the second-in-command. Garvin was team-killed by junior member Keegan O'Neil, who strong-armed Julian into conceding the right to leadership. O'Neil then orchastrated a union between them and rival gang Mauve Shirts, led by Foley.

O'Neil later betrayed Foley and the Mauve Shirts, killing them all while scapegoating them for the destruction of the school's basketball court. The betrayal came at the cost of the death of every Crazy Shoe except himself and Julian, but both soon after were accepted into Dragonstorm. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

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