Culeston is a city in Oregon that experienced a number of traumatizing events in September 2009 due to conflict between Dragonstorm and James' team. It was close to Southport, a town that fared even worse.

Lab 101 situated itself in the woods outside Culeston in July 2009 and agents frequently visited the city for supplies. In August 2009 Camilla and Achates visited Culeston General Hospital to gain supplies to treat wounded DS-1 members.

In September 2009 Shakila Brennan, a young woman who worked for the city newspaper, discovered Lab 101's nearby location and alerted some friends she had recently made. This began James Zanasiu's plans to infiltrate and destroy Lab 101.

Along the way various skirmishes between James' team and Dragonstorm damaged city landmarks. Culeston General Hospital was destroyed by Subject 19, The 2009 Schutzhund competition which the city hosted was stricken with reports of live ammo, and many other places such as supermarkets, hotels, logging camps and highways were damaged as the two factions staged surprise attacks on each other. (The Holiday Inn Express holds mention as one of the few places James' team visited for an extended period of time that was not destroyed.)

Eventually, Lab 101 was destroyed and the surviving Dragonstorm members evacuated in a convoy lead by Rucker Jamesson. After James' team followed them to Idaho, Culeston was left to repair itself in peace. (Disruptive Selection)

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