The Culeston General Hospital was the primary medical facility in Culeston, Oregon.

A nurse named Ethan was Dragonstorm's inside man, and would provide them with medical supplies. Achates and Camilla traveled to the hopsital after DS-1's mission to SORA Gas & Electric to pick up supplies to care for the rest of the team. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 2)

James' team traveled to the hospital to care for Shakila Brennan after Trinity shot her in the foot. Dr. Micah Landon with the help of Rudyard Shelton as his assistant successfuly repaired Shakila's foot. Afterwards, Shelton pocketed some remaining propofol ampoules for that night when he had to insert thought chips into several members of the team.

Elsewhere, at the same time James' team was there Subject 19 attacked Aimee. In her quest to find Aime she slaughtered almost everyone in the hospital. Several members of the team led by Hans Donitz successfuly drove her off.

Ethan Garner was also a patient at the hospital and briefly joined the team, but was left behind at the hospital. (Disruptive Selection)

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