Darwin's Soldiers, usually referred to as the Furtopia RP, was the very first Darwin's Soldiers role play, though it was later eclipsed in significance by its predecessor, also called Darwin's Soldiers. It was written from September 15, 2008 until its abandoment on November 14, 2008 and can be read here.


Terrorists attack Pelvanida, and various personnel respond by fighting back. There is also a suplot about Dragore and the scientists that created him.

The role-play simply died out, leaving the plot unfinished, but LettuceBacon&Tomato's story Ground One detailed the ultimate fate of the entire cast.

A later attempt to revive the premise of the role-play as a reboot occurred, referred to as Darwin's Soldiers Reboot (Furtopia), but it died out as well.

Authors/Primary charactersEdit

Other CharactersEdit

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