Death was an experiment that was seen within Drake's hideout. It first appeared to Neku and Hailey as a ghastly figure, first looking at Haiey, then moving on to look at Neku. It seemed to posess the ability to float around while wearing a dark cloak to cover itself.

Before the destruction of Drake's hideout, he along with the other three horsemen, Famine, Pestilence and War, evactuated the facility. He appeared once more in Las Vegas, giving War the order to kill everyone, which was part of a master plan of his, to purge the planet.

However, that's when Neku, Hailey, Aimee and Xanthus arrived, yet, instead of fighting them himself, he left the work to War to do the job while he left to deal with other matters.

Reappearing in Texas Base, he helped Calchas to interogate Shakila, using fear to his advantage. After some information was revealed by her, he headed into the cells and killed the prisoners, stealing their life force to feed himself.

However, as the prisoners did not satisfy his needs, he then attacked Wiley, threatening him, only to be stopped by Kyriel, deciding to let him live for the time being.

He was killed by Neku at the oil rig.

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