The S.S. Desnuda was a cargo ship used for smuggling by the Stripper mafia of Tenant's Way. In 2033, it became obsolete with the successful installation of an Einstein-Rosen bridge. It was a fully automated cargo ship and required no crew, though it had bunkers in case the need arose.

On its final voyage, it was to deliver smuggled goods to Cuba and drop James Zanasiu Jr, Malte Kerzach, and Florence Brennan on Hughes Island. Agent Pomson also stowed away in a lifeboat, but was pushed overboard by Florence, who was severing their contract. ("CS:Under-Covered")

It later transpired that Pomson had sabotaged the cargo ship, and it sank just off the coast of Hughes Island. The Iromish Tribe explored the sinking site but were unable to obtain anything valuable. ("CS:The Man Who Was an Island")


"Desnuda" means "nude" in Spanish.

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