The Double Helix Cafe, also known as the Double Helix Eatery, was the dining commons in Pelvanida Research Base. It had a variety of foods available buffet-style, with servers stationed at each one who usually consisted of low-level employees who wanted to make money on their lunch break. The chief cook was Dean Nixon.

In February 2009 it was one of many locations James' team cleared of terrorists. At the time Keegan O'Neil was their prisoner, but he used the distraction to break free, lock James Zanasiu in the closet, and return to Dragonstorm. (Darwin's Soldiers)

Following the Dragonstorm takeover of Pelvanida, the Eatery was renamed "Pelvanida Cafetaria."

In June 2009, Rudyard Shelton had a close encounter with Keegan O'Neil and was forced to hide under the salad bar. He was recognized by Wayne Anthony, who was working the salad bar, and Wayne revealed to him the secret of the Anti-Dragonstorm Alliance.

The Eatery was destroyed along with the rest of Pelvanida in the Crimson Base airstrike. (Survival of the Fittest)

Other versionsEdit

During the virtual reality machine test, Shelton and Ridgeway hid in the Eatery during Scenario 2 because the main hallway was filling with poisonous vapors. Due to the restaurant's imperfect seal they were forced to lock themselves in the freezer. They later escaped through a secret laboratory connected via secret passageway. (Schrodinger's Prisoners)

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