Dr. Eclipse was a scientist stationed at Pelvanida.

Character historyEdit

Eclipse kidnapped Dragore Wing and his brother, codenamed 008, who turned them into dragons and gave them nanobot-imbued immunity. Later she confronted Dragore and Michael Garrelli, though she was also threatened by Fang.

As the bio-bomb hit during the standoff, she is presumably dead one way or another. (Darwin's Soldiers)


Name: eclipse
Faction: scitentist
Specializations: knowlage
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement:none
Personality: she is cold and mean. she is responsable for dragores excistance. she is the mastermind behind the war dragon progect. her one and only love is the exparament 008. but she made dragore or to her 009 so she can test the nano bot healing systam. she has no care for life itself and wants to kill dragore so she can harvist the nano bots. she is currintly in her office doing paperwork for the military

  • This makes her a Main Character in the reboot, but not the proper continuity.

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