The energy blade was a weapon constructed by Robin Kyle and Rudyard Shelton. It consisted of a metal hilt which, when activated, projected a glowing blade of light.

There were two versions:

  • A regular version, which used rechargeable batteries, but could only cut through consistencies of around soft metal and flesh.
  • A gold-plated version, which used J-batteries and therefore was stronger, but its battery only lasted 60 minutes.

When James' team raided the Advanced Weapons Testing Room during the terrorist invasion, Neku located a version of the regular energy blade and kept it for himself. He aquired another one at a later point. (Darwin's Soldiers) When working for Ouroboros, his blade was improved so that it could cut through virtually anything, with a much longer lifespan. (Disruptive Selection)

Other versionsEdit

Neku carried at least one beam sword with him when he traveled through the Einstein-Rosen bridge on the away team, so an anti-matter copy of it was created (Card of Ten). He used it to fight Tardigan, however the weapon turned out to be ineffective and Tardigan destroyed it. (Ground One)

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