For the unrelated real-world location, see Factory


The factory level is the fourth level of Gamer 2. It is the first boss fight, and Ace is the only enemy in the level.

The level will begin with a cutscene where Hailey lands in water and realizes the factory is flooded. Kora then warns Hailey that the portal was already consumed by Ace, who used it as a trap to find her. Ace then destroys Kora with an electric pulse and gloats that he will kill Hailey and then display her high score.

Ace will drop electric pulses that travel down the catwalks. Hailey must traverse the catwalks to reach the top floor, where she can shoot Ace three times to send him crashing into the water. She must then shoot the levers on either side of the level to electrocute the water and send Ace flying back into the sky, now badly damaged. Repeat this whole process and Ace will explode, revealing the portal he consumed. Jumping into the portal begins the falling level.


  • In this level, Hailey has a small arrow over her head that always points at Ace, letting her know his position even if he's outside the visible frame. This arrow flashes red when she loses her deflector plate, replacing the typical exclamation point in all other levels.
  • Hailey can still fire her derezzer during the opening cutscene.