Fang was an experiment at Pelvanida Research Station.

Character sheetEdit

His character sheet (posted by Howel ch19) was as follows:

Name: Fang
Age: 19
Species: werewolf
Faction: psionic
Specializations: to kill... and protect the scientists
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: telekinesis and tele-electric
Personality: calm relaxed deadly
other: hidden away from everyone else furthest along in experimentation

Character historyEdit

Fang barged into Dr. Eclipse's office demanding to know who woke him up. After fighting 008 to a standstill he escaped by fazing through a wall. He later summoned his pack incuding Kven-Ulf but never encountered the main team again.

His fate following the bio-bomb is unknown, as he coud travel at the speed of lightning and possibly escape the quarantine zone. (Darwin's Soldiers)


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