Felicity Hildebrand was a staff member at the Three Rivers Tributary, the newspaper of the University of California Three Rivers, back when Dragonstorm was merely a club at the university.

character historyEdit

Felicity was Gregory Cass's girlfriend, and designed the layout of the paper. She became friends with Keegan O'Neil.

She set up a romantic dinner date with Gregory at the Lapin Amore to rekindle their relationship, but O'Neil convinced Gregory to miss the dinner. After a romantic encounter with O'Neil, Felicity broke up with Gregory.

On the night O'Neil planned to kill Gregory, Felicity warned O'Neil that Gregory was approaching his position with a number of security guards. Felicity later became one of the first three Dragonstorm lieutenants.


  • Felicity is the very first female to join Dragonstorm.

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