Foley was the leader of the Mauve Shirts at University of California Three Rivers during the years when Dragonstorm was merely a club at the university.

Character historyEdit

At some point during Keegan O'Neil's fresman year, Foley led the Mauve Shirts in a shootout against the Crazy Shoes. Foley witnessed O'Neil kill Garvin, the leader of the Shoes.

Later, Foley teamed his gang up with O'Neil's and they began building a ring of power centered around them.

One night O'Neil ordered Foley to lead his gang to the basketball court and shoot Gregory Cass. Foley suspected betrayal and instead led his gang to kill the Crazy Shoes. Only Julian survived the initial onslaught, and led them straight to O'Neil. In the ensuing shootout, Foley took on Julian, O'Neil, and Dragonstorm. However, he was fatally shot by Lester Montgomery, at O'Neil's direction. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

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