Fools' Gold is a story written by Serris. It takes place between the first and second role-plays and can be read here.


The story chronicles Yuri Kerzach while he worked at Rara Terra Smelting. While leaving to go home one day, he sees Lester Montgomerys office and breaks in. Hacking into the computer, he finds nothing useful, until Montgomery's arrival with a worker named Jake Sachs forces Kerzach to hide in the closet.

While there, he overhears that Dragonstorm is using Rara Terra to mine rare minerals for their projects. He also learns that the minerals will be shipped out in less than thirty minutes, but before he can alert anyone he is captured by Montgomery and Sachs and locked in a closet.

He frees himself and reaches the freight yard, posing as a maintenance man coming to fix a broken forklift. After subduing an attacker, he reaches the control room and closes the factory gates, trapping the Dragonstorm trucks, but the workers on duty reopen them. Kerzach duels the two and recloses the doors. Witnessing Sachs leave the truck bay and head for the control room, Kerzach hides, pretending to be a truck driver.

Pursued by Sachs, Kerzach attempts to escape Rara Terra but is cornered by Sachs. When it seems hope was lost he is suddenly rescued by a worker named Paul Gamay who suffocates Sachs. Gamay reveals that he had been a member of the sublevel guard who had been fired in the wake of the terrorist incident. Teaming up, the two go ransack Montgomery's office followed by the security office. After defeating two Dragonstorm workers and rescuing two security guards, the two witness the trucks leaving the refinery. Using the badges from the security guards and an industrial-mounted shotgun, the two equip a truck and engage in a car chase with a truck driven by Lu and Jackson. They destroy the truck and kill Jackson and Lu but Paul is killed during the shootout. Even worse, the truck was a decoy; it was filled with cinderblocks, not valuable lanthanides.

Kerzach stays at a cheap motel and the next day drives home to his apartment, where he lives with Steven Irving. Kerzach steals Steven's identification papers while he is sleeping and heads out to Nevada to live a new life as Steven Irving.


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