Frederick Clyco was a Canadian bodyguard who traveled to Pelvanida Research Base to deliver the Spectrum rifle.

Character sheetEdit

Name: Sgrt Fredrick Rodger Clyco
Creator: Cautizer
Age: 24
Species: Human
Faction: Canadian Military - presumably Allied with good guys
Appearance: brown hair blue eyes and somewhat short. No beard or mustache.
Specializations: Combat and Escort duty.
Personality: Obidient and Silent - rarely speaks directly.

Character historyEdit

Clyco traveled with the VIP and Sam Cardon, as one of the VIP's two bodyguards. The trio was attacked by Dragonstorm guards before meeting with the leaders of the base and Clyco was the sole survivor. He was rescued by James' team and loyally sided with them for the duration of the events leading up to Pelvanida's destruction. (Survival of the Fittest)


  • Clyco is the second foreign main character, after Rudyard Shelton. Unlike Clyco, it's never mentioned where Shelton is from.
  • Clyco's author, Cautizer,made a single post in Disruptive Selection explaining that Clyco returned to Canada and helped the country to strengthen their borders aganist Dragonstorm, successfully preventing the organization from ever expanding into his country.

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