Gaman's moon was a celestial body which orbited the ring planet of Gaman. It was almost impossible to see even when approaching in a shuttlecraft, due to it being covered primarily in dark black sand.

The moon was an important part of the Sapaar plan to esacape the destruction of Gaman following a hypothetical successful uprising by the Gaman people. A series of shuttlecraft hidden throughout the city would fly its Sapaar occupants to the moon, where they would form new colonies. (Card of Ten)

In reality, the plan did occur as well as they hoped; only two Sapaar shuttlecraft were able to escape the destrution of their home planet, with an extra three commandeered by Gamanians. An additional shuttle carried James' team back to Pelvanida through the Einstein-Rosen bridge.

The two Sapaar shuttlecraft landed on the moon first, forming a colony under the command of Trano.

Of the Gamanian shuttlecraft, the shuttle flown by Hans crash landed with few survivors, while Werner made a controlled crash landing with only a few injuries sustained. Hamat's shuttle had been destroyed prior to their arrival on the moon.

On the moon, the Gamanian and Sapaar camps maintained an antagonistic relationship for some time, but under the threat of an impending hurricane, the failure of an attampted escape attempt with a new bridge, and the continued efforts of Werner to unite the two camps, both sides joined into one society. (Ship of State)

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