Gamma Leader was a Dragonstorm commando.

Character historyEdit

July 2009Edit

Gamma Leader and his squad met up with Delta Leader, her squad, and Metal Storm and sweeeped the Double Helix Cafe for James' team. Finding nothing, Gamma Leader then left with his squad to meet the VIP and his two bodyguards. However, the trio was attacked by a cyborg experiment before Gamma reached them. (Survival of the Fittest)

August 2009Edit

Gamma Leader was one of three commandos chosen by Dr. Bruce Tinner to remain awake during the base-wide blackout caused by the activation of the thought chips. Once the rest of the base blacked out, Alpha Leader led Beta Leader and Gamma in a large sweep of the base to check for awake personnel and to bury all the equipment so that virtual replicas could spawn in their place.

Gamma attacked Rudyard Shelton in Lab 101 and captured him; however, he failed to notice Eddie McKay, who impaled through the chest with a mop handle. (Nietzsche's Soldiers)


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