Hans Donitz was a terrorist who served as one of the top lieutenants in the invasion of Pelvanida. He was also Werner Donitz' father.

Character sheetEdit

Name: Hans Donitz

Creator: f-22 “raptor” ace
Specializations: Ex German army experience with explosives and heavy weaponry has connections to several arms dealers.
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: none
Personality:self centered,cruel when it takes a long while with many casualites inflected to suceed in a mission,annoyed with the anti technology group and their ways but keeps it to himself,has been think about defecting so he can see his family again.
Equipment:50 cal Sniper rifle,AK-47,RPG,MG-3 and 2 PPK's, 1 Luger,1 ColtM1911,and a remmington Shotgun

Character historyEdit


  • Hans is the only terrorist who gets a witnessed credited kill, though it was a team kill; Udesky questioned his orders, so Hans killed him with a shotgun.
  • Hans is the only terrorist to appear in multiple stories or roleplays, and with the exception of some Messerschmitt fighters in Disruptive Selection, the only terrorist to appear after the first RP.
    • This distinction breaks down with later stories and their focus on Halsey, Ashley, and Pomson.


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