The second member of DS-1 known as Hippolytes was added to the team after the death of the former Hippolytes was killed at SORA Gas & Electric.

Character historyEdit

before September 2009Edit

The individual later to be known as Hippolytes was a scientist, good with firearms. He had been working on biological enhancements, which Dr. Ian Branston suspected he had been using on himself.

September 2009Edit

On what would prove to be DS-1's final mission, the team set out to locate and destroy the group being led by James. After 48 hours of straight searching, they set up a trap for a van with James and a number of others in it, but in the ensuing firefight every member of DS-1 except Rudyard Shelton was killed. Hippolytes was either killed by Aimee during her attempts to reach Amphinomus, or killed by Zachary Johnson after attempting to capture Dr. Keith Bailey. (Disruptive Selection)


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