The Iromish Tribe was the official name for a tropical resort on Hughes Island. A businessman entrepreneuer known only as the Chief founded it and marketed it to wealthy folk who were growing tired of the high-technology lifestyle and yearned for simpler times. The villagers worshipped Kayfabe, the anthropomization of keeping in character as natives.

Elsewhere on the island, large factories with docks dealt with the cooking of food and loading/unloading of passengers, and for that reason villagers were forbidden to leave the village perimeter. A large volcano named Kayfabe served as an in-character way for inhabitants to leave the resort; leaving villagers were "sacrificed" by being thrown into it, which delivered them to an underground spa with cold drinks and internet.

After his involvement in the Pelvanida Incident, reformed terrorist Johan fled his past by joining the Iromish and working as their hot springs cleaner.

In 2033, James Zanasiu Jr, Malte Kerzach, and Florence Brennan visited Hughes Island, expecting to find an uninhabited island with a set of potential bridge coordinates, and were shocked to find this tribe. Not knowing it was a resort, James and Malte repeatedly butted heads with the Chief while trying to escape the village, until they were sacrificed and left with Florence of their own volition. ("CS:The Man Who Was an Island")

Florence returned shortly, having fallen out with Malte and James and hoping to live her remaining years as a Chieftess. ("CS:Signs of the Father") However she soon grew dissatisfied with the way she left her friends, and together with Johan escaped the Iromish via motorboat under the cover of night. ("CS:The Meaning of Love")


  • The name "Iromish" is a portmanteau of "ironic" and "Amish", reflecting how the villagers live supposedly simple technology-free lives while actually being composed of resorting businessmen and high society.

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