Isaac was a junior member of the Mauve Shirts at University of California Three Rivers, back when Dragonstorm was merely a club at the university.

Character historyEdit

Isaac participated in killing the Crazy Shoes on the night they were supposed to kill Gregory Cass. He then survived the initial shootout against Keegan O'Neil, Julian, and Dragonstorm. After Foley's death, O'Neil selected him to be the new leader of the Mauve Shirts, though only because he was pliable and O'Neil could order him to finsh the original plan.

Isaac, determined to prove himself to O'Neil, led the Muve Shirts into the basketball court with what he thought was a weapon neutralizer (but was actually a bomb), waited until the police had the court surrounded, and then activated the device, killing him, all the other Mauve Shirts, and an unknown number of police officers. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

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