Jacade was the last premier of Sapaar during the end of Gaman's history, during the time the Sapaar ruled the planet.

Character historyEdit

Sometime before James' team revisited Gaman, Jacade took Seska as his concubine. He also visited the grand opening of the restored playhouse.

When James' team returned, Jacade's security force tracked down and jailed all of the away team except Zachary, who returned to Pelvanida through the wormhole.

Jacade held a mock trial for them, accusing them of being responsible for most of the problems in Gaman's history. He sentenced them to life in prison, but with Werner's help they managed to escape.

During the assault on the nuclear power plant, Jacade used Seska as bait to lure James to the far side of the plant, where he got to witness Jacade activate the back-up plan; a series of perfectly placed rockets that will destroy the planet. Jacade then attempted to escape the planet in the shuttlecraft hidden in the white room; however James and his team managed to get there first, and flew away. Jacade perished in the power plant. (Card of Ten).


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