Johan was a terrorist who attacked PelvanidaResearch Base, and one of the few surviving terrorists.

Character historyEdit

Early historyEdit

Johan originally lived in Germany as a pool cleaner. He came to California some time before 2009 in the hopes of continuing his trade in a richer nation, but unfortunately at this time machines made his job obsolete. He joined a large group of jobless immigrants at a desert settement that promised freedom from the tyrrannies of technology and society.

He became a member of the military force the settlement leader was training, and particpated in the attack on Pelvanida in February 2009. ("CS:The Man Who Was an Island")

February 2009Edit

He stormed Dr. James Zanasiu's office and was shot in the chest. He then passed out for the duration of the fighting. (Darwin's Soldiers)

He regained consciousness in time to wander through hallways of deceased, and as he fled the base he witnessed Dr. Zanasiu and the surviving members of his team recieve the military backup.

Johan sold stolen weapons to pay for his medical bills and then, too disgraced to return to the desert settlement, traveled to the remote Hughes Island to work as a pool cleaner for the Iromish tribe.


He worked there for many years, and one day met Malte Kerzach, James Zanasiu Jr, and Florence Brennan. They were the first three people he ever told his past history. ("CS:The Man Who Was an Island")

Two months later, Florence convinced him to return to his surviving friends at the desert settlement, and the two fled Hughes Island under the cover of night. ("CS:The Meaning of Love")


  • Johan is chronologically the first and last terrorist ever seen in the Gang of Five canon (unless Pomson counts; then she would be the last ever seen.)

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