Kiara was a government agent and the superior to Jayden.

Character historyEdit

Kiara assigned Jayden to investigate both Dragonstorm and the vigilantes currently fighting it. When he went AWOL to join the vigilantes, Kiara personally arrived in Culeston, Oregon to apprehend him. However, extenuating circumstances forced her to ally with Jayden until eventually she seemed to agree with him and join the team. She survived many events (notably, dealing the killing blow to Famine) and ultimately bonded with Ryu Kagetora, whom she lived with for at least thirty years after the destruction of Dragonstorm.


  • Kiara never had a character sheet posted for her, and after MrDrake abandoned the RP she was the only character whom nobody claimed. As a result she silently followed the team, saying and doing nothing for the rest of the RP.
  • MrDrake seemed to forget her backstory, and over time her antagonistic nature to the rest of the main characters (and her duties as a government agent) was forgotten.
  • She is the only known person Kagetora has ever revealed his first name to.


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