Kinsey's Mimic is a story written by Serris. It was started on January 3, 2014 and can be read here. It takes place between Darwin's Soldiers and Survival of the Fittest.


Sharon Varma is working as a strip club as a part time stripper/full time mechanic, using the alias Joan Kierwal. One night, after fixing a light, she dances an Arabian-themed stripping sword-duel with a fellow stripper named Vivek Chottara.

That night, Sharon returns to her Vegas flat and, after eating dinner, decides to visit the Vegas Strip for a short vacation. At a casino, the Neo Hong Kong, she purchases a takeout meal from Big Wong’s Café and eats it at an artificial park. To her surprise, she accidentally runs into a janitor she confirms to be Howard Hicks, a Dragonstorm scientist. Resolving to learn more, she visits the casino level, but after a fruitless search spends some time on the slots and then goes home. However, Hicks recognized her from Pelvanida and gives word to the others that if a woman matching Sharon's description begins poking around, stop her using lethal force if necessary.

That night, Sharon resolves to re-visit Neo Hong Kong in her mechanic's outfit to see if she can bluff her way into more sensitive areas. At work, after fending off a lustful wolf she'd previously seen in the Vegas parking lot, she re-visits and claims to be an HVAC technician. Unfortunately one of the guards recognizes her from Hicks' warnings and alters more guards, who detain her.

Sharon is led to the Detention Area.



  • This is the first Darwin's Soldiers story to contain uncensored profanity, as it was posted in the Written Word section which contains different rules from the Fanfiction section, where all previous stories had been posted.

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