Kixoo was a baker on Gaman.

Character historyEdit

Kixoo was not a member of the Union, but somehow found his way on board Werner's shuttlecraft and survived Gaman's destruction.

He tended to side with Seska in arguments, and the other Gaman on the shuttelcraft didn't seem to like him much. At one point, he severely risked the lives of everyone on the shuttlecraft when he broke into the food cabinet and ate a large portion of their remaining food.

Despite this, Werner managed to get his followers safely to Gaman's moon. There, Kixoo was much less of a nuisance due to the open spaces.

When Werner found out that somebody in the Gaman camp was working to aid the Sapaar in destroying them, Kixoo was one of the few he could trust because Kixoo didn't have the lying skills to keep up such a ruse. Because of this, Werner put him in charge of guarding the bridge on the final night before its completion.

Unfortunately, Kixoo was attacked by Brut in the night, who broke both of the fuel tanks needed to make the bridge run. When Werner found him, Kixoo explained what happened and directed him to Brut's hideout.

Kixoo was among the Sapaar and Gaman who survived the hurricane and witnessed the alliance between the factions. (Ship of State)

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