Kven-Ulf was an experiment in Pelvanida Research Station.

Character sheeetEdit

His character sheet (posted by Howel ch19) is as folows:

Name: Kven-Ulf or evening wolf
Age: 20
Species: werewolf
Faction: Cybernetic
Specializations: to kill...
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: fazing
Personality: calm, abnormally strong for a normal werewolf
other: will protect any and all alies..

Character historyEdit

Kven-Ulf was a member of Fang's pack. When Fang retreated from Dr. Eclipse's office, he met up with Kven-Ulf, who swore continued allegiance and escorted Fang to the pack's fallback zone. (Darwin's Soldiers)

His fate following the bio-bomb is unknown, considering the ambiguity of his stated cybernetic enhancement.



  • Appearing in only two posts and with only three lines, Kven-Ulf has less screen time than any Darwin's Soldiers character in the Furtopia continuity. The comparable main character in the Gang of Five continuity is Ethan Garner.
  • Like James, Ender and Ken, Kven-Ulf neer actually joined the core team of main characters.

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