The Laboratories were the most prolific of rooms in Pelvanida. They were staffed by the scientists and it was where most of the research was conducted.

Named wings of laboratories include BioChem, Weapons Development, Biologics, Electrical Engineering, High energy Physics, and Mechanics. (Darwin's Soldiers, Survival of the Fittest)

After the terrorist invasion was thwarted and Dragonstorm used the opportunity to seize stronger control of Pelvanida, an extremely secretive lab called Lab 101 was constructed. There the illegal dragonstorm experiments were built and all non-authorized personnel were forbidden from entering. This lab was also capable of completely detaching from the rest of Pelvanida and operating as a large vehicle.

Dr. Nicholas Jeston worked in Lab 23, James Zanasiu and Zachary Johnson worked in Biologics, Robin Kyle worked in Electrical Engineering, Josephine Smithson worked in Biochemistry, Yuri Kerzach (and, after he was fired, his alias Steven Irving) worked in High Energy Physics.

Keegan O'Neil, Johnson Zenarchis, Lester Montgomery, Pietr Kozlov, Howard Hicks, and Oli Struth were constantly changing labs, supposedly to work on a variety of projects, but in actuality to control various aspects of their underground Dragonstorm projects as needed. Rudyard Shelton was tipped off to this when he noticed the six always were stationed adjacent to each other. (Darwin's Soldiers, Survival of the Fittest)

Other versionsEdit

In anti-matter Pelvanida, James Zanasiu worked in Biologics. Luddly worked in Lab 76. Ender McThair worked in Mechanics. (Darwin's Soldiers)

During the test run of Bruce Tinner's virtual reality machine, Rudyard Shelton visited Yuri Kerzach's lab and used the Small Hadron Collider to dispose of a bomb. He later confronted Biff Carlo in Dr. Tinner's lab. (Schrodinger's Prisoners)

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