The Lapin Amore was a French restaurant off Generals Highway in Three Rivers. It was considered a romantic place for couples to attend.

In 2009, Felicity Hildebrand made plans to eat dinner there with Gregory Cass, in the hopes of rekindling their strained relationship. Keegan O'Neil manipulated events so that Cass would not arrive, causing Felicity to break up with him and become loyal to O'Neil instead. (Nietzsche's Soldiers 3)

In 2033, Florence Brennan met with James Zanasiu Jr and Malte Kerzach about the possibility of investigating the disappearance of James' father ten years prior. ("CS:Pilot")


  • "Lapin Amore" means nothing in French, but "Lapin Amour" would translate to "Rabbit love" which references Felicity's reason for going.

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