Not to be confused with the matter universe captain Lutra of the S.S. Surrounded Sea.

Lutra was an experiment at Pelvanida Research Base.

Character sheetEdit

His posted characcter sheet was as follows:

name: Lutra
age: 15
species: otter
faction: experiment
knowledge: knows every room in lab (does not have access to all of them), able to use both psi powers to an extent, knows how to wield a gun (not combat trained).
powers/cybernetic enhancements: can alter space and time, telikinisis
personality: kind, stinds up for others and protects them, not to happy about being contained, loves to swim, more neutral than anything.

Character historyEdit

When the terrorists attacked, Lutra was in the pool with his trainer. He defeated an assaulting through freezing time and the pair headed for the armory. Unfortunately the armory exploded before they could retrieve weapons. (Darwin's Soldiers)

His fate following the bio-bomb from Crimson Base is unknown, as his time-warping ability may have given him the chance to survive the fallout. (Ground One)



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