Magneto was a Dragonstorm experiment stationed at Pelvanida Research Base. He had electrokinetic and magnetokinetic powers and wore a metalic silver jumpsuit. The scientists who created him named him after the similar character from the X-men series.

Character historyEdit

July 2009Edit

During James' team's infiltration of Pelvanida, Magento was one of the first experiments sent to kill them. He cornered them in a laboratory, but James' team constructed a defensive row of metal tables. When Magento hit the tables with ean electric blast, he magentized them, allowing James' team to launch a sequence of metal objects at him. With the combined efforts of the teammates, Magento was killed. (Survival of the Fittest)

September 2009Edit

However, he was revived later, and attacked James' team again at Lab 101. This time he was killed for good. (Disruptive Selection)

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