The following lists detail the main characters of each of the Darwin's Soldiers stories. They were chosen by the author of each story.

Note that while a story can have many main characters, there can only be one protagonist.

The traveller is the main (and only) character of Find the Cure!

LettuceBacon&Tomato's storiesEdit

Schrodinger's PrisonersEdit

Card of TenEdit

Pavlov's CheckmateEdit

  • Rudyard Shelton

Nietzsche's SoldiersEdit

  • Rudyard Shelton

Nietzsche's Soldiers 2Edit

Ship of StateEdit

Nietzsche's Soldiers 3Edit

Ground OneEdit

Byte MeEdit

Chasing SecondsEdit

Serris' storiesEdit

Fool's GoldEdit

  • Yuri Kerzach

StarfallRaptor's storiesEdit


MrDrake's storiesEdit

New DivideEdit

Zero HourEdit


  • Hailey

nick22's storiesEdit

Following the Family BusinessEdit

F-22 "raptor" ace's storiesEdit

the DiseaseEdit