Makir Ancalalaith was an experiment at Pelvanida Research Base.

Character sheetEdit

His posted characcter sheet was as follows:

Name:Makir Ancalalaith
Age: 16
Species: Red Fox
Faction: Experiment
Specializations: Telepathy and psi manipulation
Powers/Cybernetic enhancement: Makir specializes in altering minds and manipulating the mysterious force known as psi. While those are his best suits, he also is adept most other forms of psionics, but he prefers to stick to what he is best at.
Personality: Makir is usually a happy person. His philosophy almost a "everything will be alright in the end" one, except he thinks that nothing ever ends, and that the event, person, idea, or whatever will continue to influence and shape the world around it.

Character historyEdit

Makir was created at Pelvanida and stored in a room where periodic electrical shocks would course through his brain preventing him from collecting his thoughts enough to use his psychic abilities. When the terrorists attacked, he managed to escape his cell and joined the resistance group fighting back against the terrorists. While interrogating a captured terrorist, he knocked himself out. (Darwin's Soldiers)

His fate following the bio-bomb from Crimson Base is unknown, but he probably perished. (Ground One)


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