The movie theater is the site of the epilogue for the Disruptive Selection role-play, and by proxy all of Darwin's Soldiers.

The surviving heroes meet back up thirty years later; the government has finally released all the news about their heroism and they are all famous. For the first time, they are all meeting back up to watch a movie dramatizing their efforts during the terrorist incident, the first of a trilogy.

James Zanasiu has married Sharon Varma and had a kid, Erik Varma-Zanasiu. Both work in the cybernetics field that has developed since the incredible technical achievements of both Dragonstorm and Pelvanida. Aisha Tennes and her wife Roux are with Nixx; Aisha had worked in the military for 30 years, and Nixx was an Olympic rugby player. Micah Landon was present with Zyanya, his housewife, and their three children Micah, Donald, and Zya. Gustave Chiumbo had become a famous movie star secializing in action heroes, and Neku had become a successful writer of a series starring a group loosely based off their own.

Others present include Hawkeye, Kagetora, and Kiara . Several teammates, including Rudyard Shelton, Larry Masters, and Chris McLean are not present, having died in the 30 years since their adventures.

Shakila Brennan, Slash, and Agito arrive, finally revealing themselves for the first time in thirty years. They had dropped under the radar after the events, not even claiming the million dollars of checks in their names. Aimee and Cale likewise didn't claim their checks, but built up a respectable lifestyle for themselves anyway.

Neville Ivers and Mitchell Crota also arrive late, the former a professional Schutzhund competitor, the latter commander of Carson City Camp.


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