MrDrake is an author on the Gang of Five forums. His primary character is Aimee.

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  • Aimee

To a lesser extent, these characters as well that have been in the 3rd RP for only a limited amount of screen time:

Hans gruber

MrDrake's original avatar upon joining Darwin's Soldiers



His second avatar



  • MrDrake plays as more primary characters than any other author.
  • He has also killed off more main characters than any other author, with three (Jayden, Kain, and Subject 16).
  • He's the only author to outpost Serris in a role-play. In fact, he has the second highest total post count of all the authors, beating LettuceBacon&Tomato by 6.
  • He plans to write a second story fleshing out the background of Viper.
  • LettuceBacon&Tomato's video game Gamer 2 is a continuation of MrDrake's short short Gamer.