The nuclear power plant was one of the major technological achievments of the Sapaar during their rule of the planet Gaman.

When James's team visited the planet for the second time, the plant was Shelton's first clue that something had happened to alter the planet's regular progression of advancement. He and James investigated the plant, but were captured and thrown in jail, along with the others.

Later, the team worked with Werner's resistance force to begin a siege on the plant, where the Sapaar leader Jacade was holed up. On the verge of their success, Jacade revealed his back-up plan of destroying the planet through a series of calculated explosions which will tear the ringworld apart. However, James' team managed to locate a shuttlecraft in the hangar below the mysterious 'white room' which hid the entrance.

Werner and Hans escaped the power plant and managed to find shuttle craft of their own. (Ship of State)

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