The Oil rig was a Dragonstorm base, and became the site of their final stand against James' team. It's destruction marks the end of Dragonstorm's reign of power and the death of all its leaders.


It is unknown who originally ran the oil rig, because by the time of the final battle all present commanders were survivors from other bases destroyed by James' team. Keegan O'Neill ran it until Johnson Zenarchis arrived from Texas Base.

When James' team arrived on Dragonstorm A-2, they forcibly boarded the oil rig and split into teams. The majority of teams were held up, but a team composed of Rudyard Shelton, Mitchell Crota, and Gustave Chiumbo reached the cargo bay and send the signal that crashed A-2's machine-controlled submarine into the rig's foundation. During the fighting Trinity was killed by Aimee, Death was murdered by Neku who sacrificed himself to do so, Keegan O'Neill was killed by James, Johnson Zenarchis was killed by Yuri Kerzach and Pestilence was killed by Crota and Gustave.





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